Sunday, January 10, 2016

Thatha writes...

Our Scriptures and their benevolent considerations towards the human beings:

Broadly, the human life has been grouped into four divisions: Balya, Youwana, Samsara and Vanaprastha. Next the circumstances/environments under which have to function got classified as the respective yoga dharmamsas they vary from yugam to yugam. Our Seers then came out with the related scriptures like Vishnu Puraanam etc. detailed out the above initially through strictly defined oral traditions to maintain their sanctity and purity.

The problems commenced when our scriptures got recorded in palm leaves/books and the related and the related clarificatory write-ups started sprouting up from different vested interests. The great seers Aadhi Shankara, Sri Ramanujam and Sri Madhawa added their own interpretations under the headings Advaitham, Visishtaaadhvaitham and Swaijham. Their approaches then got multiplied into innumerous sub-groups. However, the basic approach that every human being should get the best out of this present life itself continued as a latent life blood behind though not obviously apparent.

Commencing with ground wise spiritual religious approaches, Lord Krishna reduced the entire gamut to a divinity to an individual human face to face in his kaliyug closing Sreemath bhagawath Geetha.

We, the present generation, find ourselves in the 5000th year kaliyug with its total duration of 4,32,000 human years.

It is time to understand and appreciate that each human has two orientations in one's life in a day to day basis. They are external oriented and the internal oriented (nivruth) also called as margs. it should not be overlooked that the prospects of one impinging on the other either directly or indirectly have to be confronted by each of us. 

Next comes the two separate groundings of the humans into sexes with commonalities between the two but specifics exclusive for the female sex for bearing the important responsibility for human birth and reproduction.

With all the above in mind here is a common way of day to day human way of life to achieve the best out of one's life - both sexes - in the present life itself.

No doubt when one starts these practices what is the related balance sheet in that regard of each one do matter.

As we are discussing about one's present life in the present kaliyug environment, the other important aspects after one's death, concepts of heaven and hell and the prevalent anthropomorphic concept of divinity rather personal to each of us have been scrupulously avoided here.

It should, however, be noted that what has been spelt out here are within the comfort realm of each one to be put in to practice without any extra strain and also not seriously affecting one's personal day to day life.

Here are the suggestions. please start giving them a serious try. As already stated earlier, with the present balance sheet of your own life, make your yet-to-come life span more interestingly and more productive to yourself. You have it in you. Go ahead.

Best Wishes,
V.Sundararajan (Aged 94)


The said suggestions to implement in your day to day life to obtain in you or this life itself. All the Best!
1. Physical Welfare: Physical welfare provides a healthier body for you to function more effectively and internally feel more confident and better. At least if not regularly daily exercise 3 to 5 times a week and chose those exercises etc. that suit your physical condition to start with. Your body and the feeling within you would suggest improvements thereto as you go along.
2. Mental Health: Mental Health follows as to how you to developing situations from time to time: watch then closely and continuous suggestions would arise from within you to improve upon them. Totally avoid resorting to smoking tobacco and also intake of alcoholic drink.
3. Financial Strength: Financial Strength is a must. The way to develop the same should be constantly at the back of your mind. Acceptably this aspect may differ widely from individual to individual which also depends upon your present balance sheet and the related opportunities before you and the available qualification and capacity etc. thereto at your own balance sheet to start with and prospects of improving them as you go by.
4. But even at your present levels save money for any eventualities that might crop up necessitating the same. It is a must to save towards a pensionary support after your retirement.
5. Next that matters are your relationship with your family, near enough friends, neighbors and your co-workers, supervisors, etc. this also includes your relationship with the natural environment. Also within which you spend your life from time to time.
6. Strive always to achieve what could be styled as work-life balance which could cover personal satisfaction in the work you do or turn out. Be fanatically patriotic to the institution for which you work.
7. Listen carefully to others, accurately assess your resources before responding and measure your words, action thereto without being harsh but as polite as practicable in conveying what you consider as appropriate and yet true without hurting the least the person you respond to.
8. your emotions should be externally not visible as far as practicable in any disturbing or enjoyable situation in which you find yourself at any given time.
9. Equip with and improve your skill to socialize. Be/look confident in dealing with any situation and to try to never openly exhibit your personal agitation if any in a given situation and thus exposing your shortcoming in that record.
10. Clearly/Deeply understand your cultural background. Similarly understand the same also of others also while recognizing that others might be possibly contradicting you also. But don't fail to realize that they have their own right to do so.
11. Your own spiritual well-being is an ongoing process which could lead you to specific religious fold. But realize that it couldn't be also so on deeper understanding of your own spiritual background. Create quality time for solitude for meditation and also prayer so your personal deity if you happen to feel so moved at any time.
12. Transcendental experience comes to one even when one is fully awake and engaged in a given moment/situation. Don't get obsessed with the past/future that might at any particular time/situation upset your equanimity. Try always to take things as they happen. Don’t doubt in line with your past experience and future expectations.
13. Your sex life does matter with women's sex between routine/romantic. Death is a state of the body. Feeling satisfied and comfortable is a state of being so within.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My first poetry ...An ODE to microbes!!!

What follows down this passage are a series of lines with coherent words...words that are inspired and hence dedicated to the world of minis and micros (shh..didnt mean the girlie skirts!) i.e the micro life-bacteria, viruses, fungi, phages (wonder whether there is anything newly discovered...well! my microbiology needs a version upgrade). I wrote this in my second year of BSc in which microbiology was my ancillory subject. Microbiology (MB) was not at all my favourite subject- I had to put up with memorising a whole lot of microbes' names something like Escherchia coli to begin with, their physiology, their habitat, diseases they happily bring about, human inventions to curb their action and so on...oops!! theories that run for pages. To make things worse, the practical session was worse (disgusting I think is the apt word) as one had to see what kind of microbial population is present in each and everything around us (food stuffs mainly!!...kind of a trick to make us stay away from cokes and samosas...but the trick never worked!). I even found a deadly Pseudomonas in one of the Fanta samples!. Besides all these not-so-well-to-do points, the microbes still scored pretty well and hence the poetry. MB as a subject was damn boring but it made the invisible world visible. The lectuer for MB, Ms Anuja George, was a damn interesting soul ...she made MB bearable. The song from Kaakha kaakha, 'Oru ooril azhage uruvai..' reminds me of her...she was a real charm and intellectually egoisitic (thats how my seniors call her-well!..I dont consider her egoistic in grounds of her knwoledge but she surely was damn smart). My poetry had infact seen its first publication-not in a well to do journal or online portal..but in my department's peroidical.

here I go...

Sticking to the dust is numerous of them,
Seeming to be as very abstract as the wind,
Yet acting with an effect as strong as a nail on skin.
Could they be placed second to God for their omnipresence,
Or first in the list of crimnals with power so immense.
Invaluable they are to us-so worthy to be applauded
They as flames turn us to ashes-so should they be put off?
As coins with heads and tails that never depart,
These as goods and evils are too very smart!
Sticking to the dust is numerous of them
Well!..Its to the microbes i dedicate this poem ahem!.

if I read it now, it seems so childish. What do you feel???

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wonders of technology..

Advancement in technology has brought in many revolutions. But EVOLUTION?..Yes, I can think of one (probably, you can think of many). EVOLUTION OF NUMEROUS PHOTOGRAPHERS. Yeah..the advent of and now, the advancement in digital camera technology have germinated many amateur photographers. You can find them everywhere and anywhere, holding either a mobile phone with a lens to capture 1/0 images or a digital camera that can snap a picture or shoot a video. Whatmore, there are softwares that can just do many things to your picture -you name the way you want it, u get it. 'I am there for you' is their moto. Photoblogs have facilitated in advertising of one's needn't wait for advertising agencies and publishers. The techie market giants are rushing up in R&D in bringing smarter ones that can hone your skills better. So when you show a wonderful picture to anyone, they are awe-struck and you are applauded. Ofcourse everyone knows who is smart..but smarter is the one who uses it cleverly to bring a picture perfect.

So what do you need...

A digital camera (the obvious), passion to snap anything under the Sun (Universe just need to board a space ship..Simple!), softwares, blogs , all of this to become a novice. But to be a professional, well...a lot of CREATIVITY to see what others miss (Even this can be increased by stimulating the part of the brain that helps generate creativity-brain scans are helping us out to configure this part. I think I will soon share this news with u all).

So, Stay tuned!!..
Down below is the link to the pics that i recently took. well why do you think I wrote this post for ..that too at 12:30 am!! Check it out!!
c ya and cheers,

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Yeah....Essence of life in just one flash of a scene (flash of few seconds..rather)

Seven years in tibet....One of the best movies ever taken and one of the best movies I have ever seen. Movie lovers will surely know. But for all the 'hitherto Unaware folks', the movie is based on a true life story of the 14th Dalai Lama. This movie captures not his entire life but the period of His Holiness' time when he was just a curious little boy entrusted with responsibilities as the Guru of the tibetans. How He meets Heinrich Harrer, an austrian mountaineer and how each influence the life one another is what the movie is all about. This is not movie review so I jump to what I would like to share (the one scene which might go unnoticed).

Scene: Chinese military rulers visiting Dalai Lama to make negotiations (Chinese and negotiations!!..nay!!..they came to authoratatively declare that they were waging war against the tibetans).

In the mind of Dalai Lama: Got to request these barbarians to let Tibet be a free and peaceful province as it was currently at that time.

Lots of decorations, colorful, floral arrangements, big pandals, resounding music ...everything and anything to Welcome these hard-wired, tyrannt chiefs of the military.

The marshals arrived atlast grim and stoic as ever...nonchalant to the hearty welcome. One guy from Tibet does the welcoming..kind of an ambassador (forgot the position he held). There is one particular colorful decoration which the tibetans do with colors, flowers, etc-something so big and artisitic (very much like our rangoli). It takes so many days and many people to put up such a thing. It is their tradition says the ambassador to the chiefs. U know what...inspite of the so many efforts taken to do the rangoli, it is tibetan culture to destroy it after the very day it is completed. The funda behind it- Nothing in the world lasts forever...everything has to die no matter how significant the thing or the person it is to you. You will lose it and it doesnt belong to dont attach yourself emotionally to it. One creates an art with so much dedication, love and care but at the end of the day he must be equally postive and happy to see it destroyed. (I love my digital camera..Sure..I wont be happy to lose it one day).

The tibetan ambassador tells all this to those gree-uniformed outlanders. But these cool dudes pay no heed to its significance and hit the rangoli to show their sarcasm. Kind of 'I dont care a damn man' attitude.
Billions of Blistering Barnacles...anthropoic mountebanks...grrrrr!!.

Well...anyways it was to be was just ahead of its destined time.

So when you guys watch it next time, do check it.

Sounded sensible for me. So, I penned it down...I dont know whether u care a damn abt this :).

c ya...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Yours emotionally, Suba

YEAH…Young Father Relishing His Fatherhood.....

A couple of weeks back, my brother’s friend, Sagar visited Chennai for a day. His personal work consumed the entire day and so he planned the dinner and resting hours of his itinerary in my home-sweet home. By Goodness Gracious!!!! (else..I wouldn’t be writing this out…I was browsing through for an incident to pen down).

I am not too good in initiating a conversation but this time, I was handy…I had people with me to engage Sagar…My nonstop Appa, Nandhu and of course my mom’s vadai, idli and sambhar.

Real estates, broadband services, North and South Indian cultures, Climate Differences between north and south India were the topics touched, discussed and left as what they were….

I had been to Sagar’s house when I was in Gurgaon. Of course like most of us, he has a nuclear family. He, being the neutron, his wife, the positron and their cute little daughter, electron revolving around them (Well. ...They were around her all the time!!! ). She was christened Prachi. I was curious to know how she was doing (yeah… I initiated this conversation with no one’s help- My superconscious mind helped).

Sagar started with a beam (a glow of 100watts bulb). Just like any proud father, he narrated the little angel’s adventure during her pristine years (she must be 4 now). Having her own room, her own space in their house….No trespassing...That’s the rule lay down by the little princess. Trespassers had to hear her cry or her childish tirade (Kind of…I will tell my father…grrrrrr). Even Dear Mr.Sagar who pays the rent for the whole house had to acquire prior permission (Are girls hardwired to be teacher like???). She is going for kathak classes something that Sagar didn’t do…probably many of us didn’t do when we were her age (our parents would have feared that the rich culture of Kathak would have tarnished if we had learned it…Jus kiddin….I don’t know what might be the reason for my mother not having put me in any dance classes..Boohoo). This is how the narration went…Prachi’s every action and Sagar’s reaction and his comparison to his childhood days. Last came the words which inspired me to write this down.

It is nice to see them grow”.

- These words reflected the mind of a man who was relishing fatherhood in its every sense. He enjoyed the little girl’s na├»ve maturity- responsibility and possessiveness of her own things, the privacy of her own tiny world, the queen to whom her subjects (Sagar and Mrs. Sagar) would unconditionally submit. Yes!!, She was independently dependent. Yes...Sagar’s words were corpulent with pride.

He still has many years to go as decision-making responsible father and time will come when his daughter will start making her own decisions of everything around her…even her own father. She will be in complete control of her life and probably of a few more close ones. Sagar will surely wonder, ‘Is this my little angel who has grown up??-The emotion which my father is probably undergoing.

Thanks Sagar for sharing it with me….I am looking forward to write about my prince or princess soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Yeah...I admire, adore, adulate.........HIM

It is night time again...My first no nonense post...

No one has ever asked me whom I admire the most and why...the typical question that would appear in the annals of Beauty contest questionnaires. So here I go...

It is just but obvious that the person whom I admire must be a man as I am a woman (horomonal, or is it in the genes...whatever the biological logic behind this be). The Man is fictitious-(real men(some) are attractive but the unreal ones are more attractive...john keats words rephrased).

Sherlock Holmes. Yeah....It is he who I admire, adore, adulate.

Concentration, keen observation of one just but one thing at a time, greater mental power, musical genius, chemistry researcher, intense smoker (i dont admire this), witty, grave and composed are few of the adjectives that I could phrase to describe him.

The most beautiful thing about him is the ability to detach i.e if you are on a hot trail of a murderer or the truth..your mind, atleast our mind, doesnt rest, its kept constantly awake by the very excitement of the impending adventure...adventure that will lead us to the truth. But Sherlock is just too amazing. Once he gets the clue he wants...once he feels more clues are required for which he has to wait, he jus waits, detaches himself from the very whole interesting thing as quickly as he can. He either jumps on to do some mind bothering chemical analysis or plunges in to the world of mozart. well...atleast I cant imagine myself doing such a heck of a thing. He practises mediatation everything he does..Mediatation is just but focussing (the word 'just' is kind of making mediatation sound so simple rite...well we all know it is not) one thing at time.

He can never be idle...he can never relax. To qoute him

"I have a curious constitution. I never remember feeling tired by work,
though idleness exhausts me completely".

Any reader of Sherlock Holmes can understand that he doesnt have any personal life..I thought he is so stolid, never expresses affection even to his very own 'My dear Watson'. There are but many (well!! not so many...but some) instances in which he has proved love is always been within him. No matter how cold one springs out when it needs to. In the Adventure of the Three Garridebs, in the final scene, the crimnal so as to defend himself shoots Watson..One should notice how worried and troubled Holmes becomes seeing his friend being shot...He springs in to action like our Tamil (any indian) movie heroes (when they see their dear ones being attacked by the villian) do.. screaming and warning the villian of instant death. well thats how Sherlock sounds when he sees blood oozing out of Watson. Though not a lethal wound, Holmes asks Watson, "Watson are you ok...say atleast you are OK". Not only I, watson was also truly astonished. He jus felt not only this wound but many a wound is worth to see the affection gushing out from the grave face. This might sound, for anyone who has not read Sherlock Holmes, to be just an other heroic melodrama...but truly, if you have been reading his entire set of adventures, lived with him through all his cases jus like an other watson, you would but cherish this moment of revelation of love for his friend. Following is the passage that is an extract from the Adventure of three garridebs that speaks of whatever I said above...

"Well, well!" said he coolly as he scrambled to the surface. "I guess
you have been one too many for me, Mr. Holmes. Saw through my game, I suppose,
and played me for a sucker from the first. Well, sir, I hand it to you; you have
me beat and —"

In an instant he had whisked out a revolver from his breast and had fired two
shots. I felt a sudden hot sear as if a red-hot iron had been pressed to my
thigh. There was a crash as Holmes's pistol came down on the man's head. I had a
vision of him sprawling upon the floor with blood running down his face while
Holmes rummaged him for weapons. Then my friend's wiry arms were round me, and he was leading me to a chair.

"You're not hurt, Watson? For God's sake, say that you are not hurt!".

It was worth a wound — it was worth many wounds — to know the depth of loyalty and love which lay behind that cold mask. The clear, hard eyes were dimmed for a moment, and the firm lips were shaking. For the one and only time I caught a glimpse of a great heart as well as of a great brain. All my years of humble but single-minded service culminated in that moment of revelation.

"It's nothing, Holmes. It's a mere scratch." He had ripped up my trousers with his pocketknife.

"You are right," he cried with an immense sigh of relief. "It is quite superficial." His face set like flint as he glared at our prisoner, who was sitting up with a dazed face. "By the Lord, it is as well for you. If you had killed Watson, you would not have got out of this room alive. Now, sir, what have you to say for yourself?" more qoute to end this post ....again it is sherlock and his idea about love(qouting too much of love eh!!..well I just like this qoute)..

"I have never loved, Watson, but if I did and if the woman I loved had met such
an end, I might act even as our lawless lion-hunter has done".

Well there are again several other reaons for which I like him. But I have already drafted a lengthy one indeed.

Long live Sherlock!!!!...Happy reading to u all!!!

U want to read more Qoutes of holmes..try the following link

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Inaugrate

11:24PM, 11th of November 2007....

well...Nice to have ur own space to scribble down, to vent out. Great cheers to one who started blogs...I'll start penning down soon. Meet u all later..